About us

Gymstuff Limited was established in 1990 and has supplied gymnastic equipment to many New Zealand gymnastic clubs, assisting them to acquire the best gymnastic equipment from around the world.
Gymstuff Limited is the leading supplier of gymnastic equipment in New Zealand supplying the best gymnastic equipment available worldwide. Our knowledge of the sport and gymnastic equipment requirements is second to none.

Gymstuff Does It All For You

We will supply quotes of all equipment to meet your requirements.
On confirmation of your order we will:

  • Place your order
  • Transfer International Funds
  • Collect your order from the Supplier
  • Arrange International shipping to New Zealand
  • Payment of all import charges – duties, taxes, etc
  • Clear your order through New Zealand Customs and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Deliver to your address in New Zealand

Our team

Gymstuff Limited was formed by Mike and Cheryl Ranger when gymnastic clubs in New Zealand recognised the need to have the best gymnastic equipment available worldwide.

Mike and Cheryl have had a life-long involvement in gymnastics. They have represented New Zealand at International Competitions and World Championships and have been administrators, coaches and judges at all levels of the sport.