Our products/suppliers

View our suppliers wide range of products:

  • Floors – FIG approved Floor area for Gymnastics; FIG approved Floor area for Rhythmic Gymnastics; FIG approved Floor area for Aerobics; Floor area for Cheerleading; Floor strips for all codes to build your floor areas
  • Landing Mats – FIG approved landing mats for all Olympic gymnastic equipment; landing mats for all training purposes
  • Spring Boards – FIG approved Spring Boards; Junior Boards for training and development
  • Olympic FIG equipment – Vault Tables; Uneven Bars; Beams; Pommels; Rings; Parallel Bars; High Bars
  • Trampolines – FIG approved trampolines and double mini tramps, mini tramps and tumble tramps
  • Training equipment for learning and developing specific skills
  • All associated fun gymnastic equipment

All our suppliers’ have a range of products designed for pre-school to Olympic performers. These suppliers have a gymnastic background and their intimate knowledge is used in the design of their products to gain the best results.